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Renovating and extending an existing property poses a multitude of challenges not encountered in new-home construction. Factors such as the home's style, existing construction materials, scope of work, block size, slope, and accessibility all contribute to the complexity of each renovation project.

Additionally, considerations such as demolition of certain elements while preserving others, as well as ensuring the safety and convenience of occupants, further emphasize the need for a flexible and experienced approach. With our expertise, we tailor our approach to address the unique requirements of each renovation and extension project, ensuring a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Common Questions

What is included in the Proposal for Renovations and Extensions?

Our Proposals are highly detailed, covering both renovations/extensions and new builds comprehensively. This attention to detail is crucial in ensuring clarity and avoiding misunderstandings regarding the scope of works, including what is included and excluded.

Renovations and extensions can indeed present unforeseen challenges, especially until demolition is completed or during the early stages of construction. We understand the importance of flexibility in budgeting for such situations. Therefore, we recommend allocating a higher contingency amount to account for any unexpected issues that may arise during the renovation or extension process.

During the proposal stage, we're more than happy to discuss and determine an appropriate contingency amount tailored to your specific project, providing you with peace of mind and confidence as we embark on your home transformation journey.

Can I live in the house during construction?

Whether you can live in the house during construction depends largely on the extent of the project. During renovating and extending our ultimate goal is to minimise disruption to your daily life as much as possible and if we can implement measures to maintain essential amenities like cooking, bathing and electrical facilities you can stay in the house. However, strict guidelines must be followed by  the occupants to safely reside in the house during construction.

Can I use friends or family to help with the labour costs for the project?

We understand that renovating and building can be costly endeavours. While the offer of assistance from family and friends may seem appealing, we strongly advise against it for several reasons, with the primary concerns being the adherence to project schedules, lack of communication with outside trades and insurances.

Often times, family or friends may not be able to commit to a strict project timeline, potentially leading to delays and disruptions. At LOGC, we pride ourselves on maintaining a rigorous project schedule to ensure timely completion.

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