Building Consultancy

We provide clients with a dedicated building consultant to work alongside the design team during the pre-construction phase. This ensures a more collaborative and streamlined approach to the designing process.

To be a Consultant on your project means we will work for you as a collaborative member with your team of Architects/Draftsman to offer our professional knowledge in building.

This service is ideal for those unsure whether to renovate/extend or demolish and rebuild. We assess your property thoroughly, considering its condition, layout, and your goals. With our guidance, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget.

Common Questions

How is the Building Consultancy Service different to a Design and Build model?

Our building consultancy service offers a distinct, client-centered approach compared to a traditional design and build model. We recommend a selection of architects and draftsmen to draw your plans, while advocating on your behalf to maintain your vision & budget, and also find more value from your investment.

In a typical design and build model, you’ll often pay for and finalise construction plans before even meeting the builder who completes the project. Instead, we levy our experience in custom home building to offer guidance throughout the entire planning phase, and saving you from a myriad of costly pitfalls and speed bumps along the way. At the completion of our consultancy service you will maintain full control of your plans giving you flexibility on your chosen builder, though we are always eager to see your project through to the end.

Not only do we help align expectations between you and your design team, but we also work to build your confidence in the building process and maintain your peace of mind and excitement through what is an incredible milestone of your life.

What are the costs associated with this service?

This will depend on the scale of the project but the costs range from $500 - $3,000.

How long does this service take and what is the process?

‍This will depend on the scale of the project, if planning/council approval is required and how long the designer/architect takes to complete the plans. For information regarding this and the process

Our Building Consultancy Service Guide

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