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Reviving the dilapidated Worker's cottage was a project in dire need of tender loving care. Given the heritage constraints, preserving the front facade as closely to its original state as possible was imperative. This task was further complicated by the necessity to replace the original subfloor with a new concrete slab to comply with modern building regulations, all while ensuring the facade remained unharmed. Despite its challenges, this endeavor was successfully accomplished, albeit at a considerable expense.

Upon crossing the threshold, the heritage charm gives way to a contemporary haven. This double-storey home embodies modern style and functionality at its pinnacle. Every aspect was meticulously crafted, with custom-made cabinetry adding a bespoke touch throughout. The centerpiece, a magnificent staircase, was constructed using an innovative product called X bond—a blend of stone and liquid polymer. Hand-applied at a thickness of 2-3mm to the staircase base, it imbues a modern, sleek aesthetic to the space.

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We highly recommend Lonnie and the LOGC team to anyone who is looking to create a high quality home with minimal fuss and wishes to establish a trusting and authentic relationship with their builder.

Brown Family