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Our Services

Our Services

Building Consultancy Service

The design and planning of your new home is without a doubt the most integral part of your building journey.

Traditionally, homeowners work with Architects/Draftsman for months, spending considerable amounts of time and money to develop plans for their project and then source builders to quote their project. Inevitably, what occurs all too often is that client’s dreams are shattered when the builder has to deliver the bad news that their plans are over their budget. This leaves the clients feeling lost and mistrustful. We want to break this cycle!

At L O’Grady Constructions, we have developed a step by step process to help homeowners from the very beginning of planning by collaborating with a chosen Architect or Designer to offer our professional knowledge and experience in building. The outcome of this is the delivery of an on-budget project, no costly surprises and the homeowner gets the home they are proud of.

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New Home Construction

We take your dream home plans and turn them into a reality. When you engage us to give you a proposal for your project we spend time with you to find out what your priorities are and our proposals reflect this. Our proposals are highly detailed, nominating exactly what is going into your home so there aren’t any surprises during your build. We take pride in building beautiful homes while supporting you throughout the journey and we keep you involved at every stage of the process. Our love for building is evident in our professionalism and attention to detail.


Extensions and Renovations

We love making old things, new again. We have extensive experience in renovating heritage homes. These homes are beautiful but can be complex in ensuring that they meet today’s construction standards. We enjoy the challenge and get great satisfaction of watching these homes transform into beautiful homes without compromising their original charms. Have a look at our Before and After Photo’s for Glass St Essendon and Dover Rd Williamstown.

Dover_Rd_Before (Resized).jpg
Dover_Rd_After (Resized).jpg
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