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Lauren O'Grady
June 1, 2020

When it comes to building or renovating your home there are a myriad of decisions to be made, but none more important than Windows and once you start looking at them it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by the options out there. I noticed this with many of our clients so that is why I met with Jon Hromin, who is the Domestic Sales Manager at Regency Windows to help make sense of it all.

With aluminium used in around 74 per cent of residential applications the cost of aluminium is low compared to timber so it is much more widely used for this reason. Aluminium can also be made into many shapes and therefore can be made into very large window and door combinations due to the strength of the product.

When you build or renovate a home you will most likely need to meet minimum building energy efficiency requirements. The most common way to meet these requirements is by getting a home energy rating done using the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. These reports are mostly organized by the Architect, Draftsman or Designer so you don’t have to worry.

Once you receive this report the windows you choose will need to comply with the recommendations on this report.

Without getting too technical to start with let’s go through the different


- Awning Windows. These are a winner. Keep them open for great ventilation while staying protected from rain. They are an excellent choice for achieving sound reduction, energy efficiency and budget friendly. You can integrate flyscreens in them and can be made in many different shapes and sizes.

- Sliding Windows. These window are unobtrusive and have smooth lines which can have single or double opening panels. Can be single or double glazed and compatible with flyscreens.

- Double Hung Windows. For an elegant, timeless look you can’t go past Double Hung Windows. With no unsightly external protrusions they offer a classy heritage feel and they can be made to look like traditional timber windows.

- Sashless Windows. Very similar to double hung but they are frameless. They are designed to be luxurious and delivers unobstructed views.

- Casement Windows. Great for almost every application and great access for cleaning with style and flexiblity.

- Lourve Windows. Lourve are great for ventilation and perfect for that sunny back rooms in a house. Not very popular in cooler climates but ideal for warmer climates.

The type of window/s you will choose for your new build or renovation is usually discussed very early in the planning stages of your home with your Architect/Designer and Builder. Price can vary significantly with these windows so it’s great to ask your builder on what he believes would be the best option to reflect your design and build budget.

Once you’ve decided on the type of Aluminium windows you would like, then you need to decide what PRODUCT RANGE you would like these from. This basically means, do you want a thin or thick frame. At Regency, during consultation they will show you the different frames available. They offer:

- Residential Series which has a 50mm thick frame and is great for affordability and interior comfort.

- Designer Series which has 102mm frame which is architecturally styled with a bold sash design.

- Designer Series ThermalHEART which is designed to reduce condensation build up, power bills and gives you more flexibility when choosing colours for internal and external frames.

During consultation with Regency they will ensure the windows chosen will reflect the style of home you are building or renovating as well as you’re budget.


Now this is where it can get a bit technical!

Choosing the right glass for your windows is very important for insulating the home from temperature extremes, reducing noise, control glare and can pay big dividends in energy efficiency and comfort levels.

As mentioned previously, your Energy Rating will play a large part in deciding the sort of glazing required to get your 6 star rating for your new home. These are your options of glazing when choosing with Regency.

- Ordinary Glass. Choose between 4-6mm thick, can be either clear or toned.

- Laminate Safety Glass- 6.38mm thick, can be either clear or toned.

- Low E Hardcoat- Choose between 4-6.38mm thick. This glass has a Low E coating which was developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. It is up to 41% more effective than ordinary glass

- Double Glazed- Insulated Glazing thickness 16-32mm. Improved insulation properties and solar heat reduction over single glazing. When double glazing is toned it is up to 32% more effective than clear glass with less glare.

- Double Glazed with inclusion of Low E coating- Insulated Glazing thickness 16-32mm with the addition of Low E coating on the glass. It was developed for high energy efficiency with the best insulating and solar heat properties.


Anodising: This is an electrochemical treatment available in a select range of colours. This is an excellent choice for harsh environmental applications with an extended warranty up to 25 years but you are limited with colours and sometimes unable to match the window hardware colour(hand winder) with the frame colour.

Powder Coating: This is a tough, durable “baked one” coating available in a large range of colours. This is the more popular option. With most powder coating frames you can get matching hardware ie hand winder.

Get in touch with the team at L. O’Grady Constructions, who can help guide you to choose the best windows possible for your home building journey today!

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