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What  our Clients have to say...



We were lucky enough to find L O’Grady Constructions for our building project. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Lonnie and his team and have been thrilled with the outcome. Our new home is fantastic, and everything that we could have hoped for. Lonnie was constructive and forward-thinking in all of his interactions with us and was comfortable in challenging us and encouraging us to think outside the square as we all worked together to create our home for our family. He made sure that all conversations about costs were open and transparent, which obviously enabled us to comfortably manage our finances throughout the project. The trades people engaged were reputable, professional and highly skilled in their chosen art-form – with all of these people helping to bring together the vision we’d had from the start. All members of the LOGC team were courteous, hard-working and accomplished, and made the creation of our home a pleasurable and positive experience.


The materials used during the project were of high quality and we’ve received a significant number of compliments from our friends and family about the superb finishes and detail. It’s very clear that there were no corners cut - or easy options taken - in order to achieve the final outcome.


We highly recommend Lonnie and the LOGC team to anyone who is looking to create a high quality home with minimal fuss and wishes to establish a trusting and authentic relationship with their builder.


Amy, Dean and Harriet Brown




Lonnie and his team did a fantastic job on renovating our house. The process was easy, from talking with Lonnie about ideas and the initial quote to agreeing on the finishing touches. There was good communication and the hitches and changes (which are inevitable in any building work) were all sorted out quickly.

The work was done to a very high standard – each person in the team is skilled in a particular area (i.e. carpenter/electrics/plumbing etc), and we were impressed with their work rate, politeness and enthusiasm. There was very good attention to the finish – and time was taken to achieve this. The team were tidy and respectful of our space too.

As for the result ‐ it is absolutely fantastic. It has totally changed the way we live as a family and it is really beautiful. It is in fact just as we imagined it ‐ we really couldn't have hoped for anything better. The feedback from friends and people in the area has been excellent and we have no doubt you will be getting a few calls for new business.
We have and will continue to recommend without hesitation.


Glen & Kate Roy



L O'Grady Constructions built our brand new home in Strathmore and we could not be happier with the end result. We were nervous about making the decision to build our own home however Lonnie made the experience as easy as a new build could be. 


Lonnie has a very high standard and his attention to detail is exceptional. Lonnie's team of trades were all exceptionally skilled however if something was not up to his high standard, something as a client you would not even know unless you are in building, he would not accept it and resolve it. The feedback we have had from our neighbours during the building process has all been positive. Lonnie and his team of trades were all very respectful of the neighbours.


Every build has it challenges however Lonnie was quick to make decisions, communicate with us as the clients and resolve any issues that arose. The timeframe in which our home was completed from start to finish was also done in a timely manner for a custom build. 


L O'Grady Constructions uses high quality materials but also considers the clients budget and was open and honest about costs enabling us to manage our finances along the way. Lonnie and his team also challenge any decisions you have made that they know from experience will not benefit you as their client i.e. functionality. Many other builders would just accept decisions made by the client however for this we are grateful as our home has been finished beautifully and we are so pleased with the end result. 


We highly recommend Lonnie and his team at L O'Grady Constructions to anyone who is looking to create a high quality home with a builder you can trust.



We choice LOGC over the competitors as their quote was comprehensive, with clear assumptions and dependencies. It made us feel confident that they knew what they were doing.

The best aspects about building with LOGC was:

* Communication was always excellent

* Quality of work was great and friendly trades, particularly carpentry, cabinetry and electrical

* Access to the house to see progress was fantastic

Our overall experience was just fantastic. We learned a lot! The endless decisions that need to be made was exhausting but we always had appropriate notice and clear communication.

Incredible attention to detail has resulted in an amazing home. We tell everyone how great our experience was and don't hesitate to recommend LOGC.


Coimadai rd - HoverBox IMG1.jpg
Coimadai rd - HoverBox IMG2.jpg



Lonnie and Lauren’s professionalism, communication and attention to detail was exemplary.

Right from the very start we felt that LOGC were much more passionate and professional than any other builder we’d met.


For example, on our first meeting Lonnie had his plumber and electrician on site to discuss relevant aspects of the build. The building was conducted whilst we were living overseas, so our communication was done via email and occasional visits. The whole process was seamless.

We have given a 10/10 rating as this is what LOGC deserved.


Lauren, Lonnie and their dedicated team have been absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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